Our whole philosophy is about developing and maintaining customer relationships through a high level of commitment and integrity. Much of the builder's job is to listen and visualize what the customer wants and make it a reality. Communication and trust ensure a superior relationship because custom-built homes are as individual as their owners.

We find that exerting the extra effort, emphasizing quality and doing it right the first time will pay-off in the long run for both customer’s satisfaction and our own sense of pride. To achieve this, we’re putting more into our homes than many other builders by using top quality materials like: custom windows, custom cabinets, manufactured beams, natural hardwoods, as well as new innovative and energy efficient products to name a few. If issues rise we have a first rate service team that is there to listen and act on your concerns.

We’ve also found that by installing strategically placed windows throughout the home, clever light fixtures and ceilings of varied heights, a modestly sized Canadiana home feels bright and spacious. The basements feel not so much like "basements" as they do lower levels, having nine-foot ceilings and oversized windows that continue the bright and spacious vibe found throughout the home.

At Canadiana we have confidence in our skilled and knowledgeable team as well our sub trades that are reliable and professional. They care and put more into the home because they know we care, the home therefore becomes an extension of ourselves.

Past customers have said, "I'm not sure where I’m going to build next or what kind of home I’m going to build, but I know that it’ll be a Canadiana home.” Building that kind of confidence and satisfaction takes hard work, but it’s a great feeling to be the customer’s choice.